Cast of Characters

Me: No, I don't call myself Dorothy through my blog. Just call me Emily. Here are some words to describe me: Catholic wife and mommy, goofy, silly song maker-upper, diaper changer, snuggler, writer, frizzy-haired, clumsy, messy, freckle faced, Irish-tempered, cryer, sometimes shy, reality TV junkie, sugar and caffeine addict, former teacher, laugher, comedienne, exercise-slacker, chocoholic, wanna be beach bum.

The Wiz: former college athlete, boisterous, ambitious, cheeseburger and fries addict, shower-sitter-downer, avid golfer, silly, movie-quote talker, grill-master, patient, logical, fantastic father, complains that I use too much toilet paper, member of Peanut Butter Lovers Anonymous, obsessed with my back scratches, night owl.

The Munchkin: currently an only child, hates naps unless lulled by a car ride, blue eyed, smiley, sweetie pie, joy of my life and writing muse!