Why "YBR Mama"?

My husband and I tried for a year to conceive our son, our precious little Munchkin. I am, by nature, a worrier and am plagued by anxiety. So the fact that it seemed like ALL of my friends, family members and coworkers were all getting pregnant much faster than me only drove me to become an even bigger, sobbing, hormonal mess than I normally am. My older sister, the AH-MAY-ZING Erin over at Cultivating Rosebuds, encouraged me to blog about my feelings and my experience. (I think it was partly because she could no longer handle the monthly bawling, hiccupping phone calls when Aunt Flo arrived. Or maybe it was the calls with questions about her opinion on my basal body temperature. Or the consistency of my cervical mucus: "What do they mean by 'egg white'?" Can you blame her?)

I've always loved writing, always kept a journal and am an extreme lover of the written word. Besides that, writing has always helped me vent my feelings and feel better. This would just be a new outlet for my angst. So, I gave it a start. The hardest thing (besides the gut-wrenching fear that someone might actually read my deepest, darkest fears and thoughts) was coming up with a name for the blog. I wanted something somewhat catchy, that relayed the idea that I was chronicling my journey to becoming a mommy. Thus, Following the Yellow Brick Road to Motherhood was "born." After I became pregnant and since I've had Munchkin, my blog has changed with my life. Now I am keeping account of my new life as a mommy, and trying to keep my sanity with all of its ups and downs!

Things you should know:
The Wiz: is my wonderful, hilarious, supportive husband. More about him later.
The Munchkin: my baby boy, born in August 2010. The best thing that's ever happened to us.