Friday, May 7, 2010

Prayers for a friend needed

Hello, bloggy ladies. I have a heavy heart tonight. I'm Facebook friends with an old high school acquaintance. He is such a sweet guy, and although I don't know his wife well, from what I have seen, she is also incredibly sweet. Last summer, his wife was on her way to go blueberry picking with their two young children when they were involved in a horrendous car accident. Her minivan was crushed, killing both of their children and critically injuring her. She has had several back/spinal surgeries and continues to endure physical therapy. To say that the last year has been a tough road for them would almost be insulting to the tragedy that they have endured. However, through it all, their faith has been stronger than I think I've ever witnessed. I simply can not imagine losing both of my children and then being strong enough to pick up the pieces, but they have. They are an incredible example to me. A few months ago, they announced that God had blessed them with another pregnancy. It wasn't something they were trying for, just something they decided to leave up to Him. This week, they found out their little girl has spina bifida. They continue to have faith through it all that the Lord is in control and that everything is going to work out for the best. I am asking for your prayers. This couple needs as much prayer support as they can get- prayers for their emotional and spiritual health, as well as physical health. My friend's wife is still healing from her injuries, and they need prayers for that as well as for the health of the baby. Prayers for their marriage, for their future, and yes, prayers for a miracle. If you're a praying person, please keep them in yours. Their names are Craig and Crystal, and I know they would appreciate any prayers you can spare.
Thank you, Lord for this baby boy kicking around in my womb, and for his health. Please continue to bless him with healthy development and growth, as well as for my health. We lift Craig, Crystal, and their baby girl up to you in prayer. Cover them with your strength, your love. Be their rock and their fortress and help gird them up with strength in the months ahead. We know, God, that you are all powerful and all knowing and can do ALL things. Bless them with a miracle, and heal their little girl. Amen.

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