Tuesday, July 13, 2010

A brave new goal

I have loved to read everything I could get my hands on and I've loved to write ever since I was a kid. I loved to write stories, and to journal about my life, achingly analyzing each event all through middle and high school. As life became more about writing papers in college, reflection essays in graduate school, or letters to parents at work as a teacher, my passion and time spent writing waned. I've kept up the journaling a bit, especially as a way to relieve stress and to unburden my worried mind in times of conflict. But I still love language, love to read, love to tell stories. I have also always harbored a dream of being the next Beverly Cleary, Judy Blume, Laura Ingalls Wilder, or (dream big!) J.K. Rowling. Have I nurtured this dream by studying creative writing in college, or working on stories in my free time? No. Have I worked consistently to bring this dream to reality by attending writing conferences or courses? No. I got caught up, as is understandable, in creating a life for myself that followed the path of college and a financially stable job. I know, excuses, excuses. Shoulda, coulda, woulda. Well, I can feel this urge to write more welling up in me. I have no idea if it'll go anywhere, or if I'll end up a published writer or anything as amazing as that, but I've set some goals for myself. Here we go:
Goal 1: To begin writing a minimum of three days a week. My focus will be on trying different fiction story ideas, specifically for children or young adults.
Goal 2: To find some resources that offer tips and guides about how to improve my writing skills.
Goal 3: To study 1 children's author's craft a month, by reading at least 2 of his or her books and looking at his or her style.
Goal 4: To eventually, within the next year, join the South Carolina Writer's Workshop, attending at least two of their meetings.
Goal 5: Within the next year, to attend the South Carolina Writer's Workshop conference in Myrtle Beach.
Now, I know you're probably saying I'm insane because I'm due to have my first baby in about 5 weeks, and I have no idea how much work that's going to entail. I agree with you. But, it's good to have goals, right? Wish me luck!

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