Thursday, January 6, 2011

Confessions of a Rookie Mama

Yes, I did just put leftover green cookie frosting all over my 90 calorie granola bar. Sometimes.I.Need.Sugar.

Sometimes when DH is playing with the baby, I'll escape to the bathroom under the guise of pottying, but really it's to read a few pages of my latest book. Ahh, a few minutes to breathe.

If the baby wakes up before 7, as long as he's playing happily, I roll over until one of two things happens: 7 am rolls around, or he starts fussing. Sue me.

Taking my gummy vitamins makes me happy.

I'm convinced my baby is the most beautiful baby ever born, and could possibly be the next Gerber baby. If my DH wouldn't kill me for submitting his picture. Sigh.

The lady at the Chick-Fil-A drive thru knows me. By name.

I've gone out into public with baby spit up dried on my shoulder, and milk dried on the front of my shirt. Although, not at the same time.

I've repeatedly, from pregnancy on into motherhood, left the house wearing my slippers instead of actual shoes. I've gone to work in them, Target, the gas station, and the mall.

To be continued...

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