Saturday, January 15, 2011

You know you're a mom when...

A few days ago was just one of *those* days for Patrick and me. Not in a bad way, but just one of those days in which several things happen to make you realize just how much your life, and you, have changed since your little one was born. After being peed on while cleaning spit up, the idea for this blog post came to mind. I started making a list of all the things I do now as a mom, and put the question up on Facebook to see what my other mommy friends had to add. Here's my list, followed by their suggestions:
You know you're a mom when...
-After hearing the unmistakeable spit up gurgle, instead of moving out of the way so it doesn't hit your shirt, you hold your hand out to catch it so it doesn't hit the recently cleaned floor.
-When your son pees on you during a diaper change, you laugh and remark how impressive his trajectory is.
-your thumb becomes a chew toy, and thats okay with you.
-when you look down to see two wet stains spreading across your shirt, shrug, and zip up your jacket because you only have so much time to finish grocery shopping before your baby wakes up and starts wailing
-when the thought of 4,5, or 6 hours of sleep in a row, makes you salivate. Not chocolate, not cake, not George clooney. Sleep.

Some of my friends comments:
-You call powdering your nose "me time."....if you actually get to be alone during those what used to be private moments. -Tajia
-when big burps are music to your ears...from your screaming baby, of course! -Melissa
-when you think about your own care and safety more than you ever have in your life because suddenly the well-being of the most important person in the universe depends directly upon YOU. -Andrea
- when your milk lets down in public (in Rite-Aid, as I recall) and forms two huge, wet circles on the front of your shirt because you heard somebody else's baby cry ... that was a defining moment, too! -Andrea
-can't remember the last time you showered! -Colleen
- You gladly stay up all night long holding your sick child (no matter what age) so that they may be able to get some sleep. -Dawn
-when your laundry load doubles and you fall asleep sitting straight up during a meal.....the baby's meal. -Carri
- when the only time you ever look at a clock is to determine when the next feeding time will occur. -Melissa S.
- You know you're a mom when the thought of a tiny booger remaining in your infant's nostril is horrifying and you must...YOU MUST, make every attempt, including considering using a pair of needle nose pliers,to remove it from said location. Forget waterboarding- if we want to interrogate prisoners of war we should send a task force of moms to remove boogers from their noses. They'll be singing like a canary before long. just sayin'. -Kevin (my dad!)
-When you happily change a poopy diaper because the poor baby has been previously constipated. -Erin

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