Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Pour Your Heart Out: Nap time is...

Nap time is... a delicate dance,

An anxious battle,

Your sweet, warm breath warming my neck as you nuzzle into me,

Your little hands reaching up to stroke my face while your eye lids slide closed,

A roller coaster ride, anticipation building as we approach the 30 minute mark, relief flooding in as you sleep on, 60 minutes, 90 minutes...phew!

Fearing that every tip toe I take around the house is like an elephant's stomp to your quiet, delicate, sleeping ears,

Sometimes a gentle reprieve for a tired mommy after poor night's sleep,

Time to myself to blog, to read, to fold laundry, to lie down, to eat, to breeeeeathe, to miss you,

Gut wrenching anxiety when I hear you sigh, then stretch, then start to yell-a mere 20 minutes after falling asleep,

A necessity for a happy Munchkin,

Questioning myself, my mind flying through all those warnings in all those sleep training books as I allow you to fall asleep in my arms,

Packing you up in the car after over an hour of trying to get you to nap, praying that the motion will lull you,

Rearranging plans, play dates, errands, schedules for the day,

Wondering if you're still breathing after napping for 2 hours strong, an unusual event for my Munchkin,

Fussing at Daddy for talking too loudly on his cell phone,

Wordlessly threatening the dog for barking at a squirrel outside your bedroom window,

Silent fist-shaking at the UPS man who ignored the "Please Knock, Sleeping Baby on Board" sign taped over the door bell...

Mommy's mini-vacation...


  1. Taped OVER the doorbell and he still rang? I would be so mad!

    Enjoy naptime while you have it!

  2. YES, girl! I couldn't believe it!!! Trust me, I enjoy it every time it works out. Thanks for reading!

  3. i know just how you feel! naps have been in short supply 'round our parts due to a crummy ear infection. can't wait until our regular routine of 1 1/2 - 2 hour naps return! :)

    popp'n over from PYHO ~

    heidi @