Monday, February 14, 2011

YBR Mama's Top Ten List for the Wiz

I am completely stealing this idea from my friend Melissa over at All Things Hilton. She made a top 10 list of things she loves about her husband for Valentine's Day. The Wiz and I don't really go overboard for this day, we just like to spend time together. I'm not one of those anti-Valentine's Day people, I think the day should just serve to remind people to stop and spend time with those they love. It's so easy to get caught up in life-laundry, babies, diaper changes, bills, spit up explosions, oil changes, housework, family obligations-that we forget to do something small for their spouse and enjoy his company. So, here is my list of the top 10 things I loooooove about my husband, the Wizard of our Oz. (They're in no particular order.)


1. I love that we can be so silly together. Your ability to make me laugh, and the way I feel so at ease to be as goofy as I naturally am with you is one of the best things we have. Our ability to laugh together has helped us get through rough patches, make memories and make every day life so enjoyable.

2. I love your sweetness and gentleness with the Munchkin. You have no idea how much it warms my heart to see his face break into a giant grin when you come through the door, because he loves his daddy SO much. He has a great man to follow and model himself after.

3. I love that you are a morning person. I am absolutely NOT a morning person, but your cheerful spirit each morning helps me remember how blessed we are to have a new day to live and love each other.

4. As awful as it sounds, I love that you'll sit through The Bachelor and Real Housewives with me- only because hearing you make fun of these shows make them entertaining.

5. I love that I can look at you from across the room and can guess what you're thinking, and you can do the same for me.

6. I love that you're my sounding board when I'm frustrated or stressed. You're empathetic when I need it. You're also not afraid to hold up a mirror and help me see that my feelings or behaviors aren't what they need to be, which I appreciate.

7. I love that you call me on your way home EVERY DAY to ask if I need anything. That means so much, because it shows that you're thinking of me, and trying to make my life easier.

8. I love that although you're not a details person, when we travel, you take the time and effort to sit down and plan our activities. You research the best places to eat, the best places to visit, sights to see, and so on. You work so hard to make sure every time we travel that we have the most memorable, fun time possible.

9. I love your passion for the things you love in life. Me, your son, your family, your writing, you traveling, etc. You have a larger than life, boisterous presence that rubs off on all those around you.

10. I love that you give me time each weekend for me to have me time, even when I feel like I should stay home and work on my to do list. You encourage me to go to Starbucks, run errands, go shopping, or hang out in Barnes and Noble for a while.
You recognize that I need time for myself, and you encourage me to take it.

I love you, honey!!


  1. Sounds like a good man you have. And you're so right - it's important to remember why we love them (even if it's hard some days:)

  2. Thanks. Yes, it can be verrrry difficult some days, especially if you're sleep deprived (mommy) or overworked (daddy). Thanks for stopping by and giving me some comment love!