Monday, November 22, 2010

For the next one...

It's amazing how much you learn as you journey down this path called parenthood. As we've been transitioning Patrick from his bassinet to his big boy crib, there are several things that I'd change if God were to bless us with another child.
First, I would register for or purchase a video monitor with more than one camera and or monitor. Right now, we've got one camera and one monitor, which is fine when Patrick is in his crib (where the camera is posted) and I'm in the living room (where the monitor is perched). But if I want to take a bath, climb in my own bed, or be anywhere other than the living room, I've got to unplug the monitor and plug it in wherever I am. Also, our monitor is huge, which is a good thing when I'm in the living room. However, when I plop myself into bed at night with the monitor on my night stand, its bright blue light is enough to keep the heaviest sleepers awake.
Second, I will be more perseverant in swaddling the next child. I registered and received several of the swaddles that use velcro. Patrick hated having his arms swaddled, (in fact he sleeps with his arms flung up above his head next to his ears- has since he was born!)and always seemed to get at least one leg out of this type of swaddle. Plus, every time I had to change his diaper during the night (which I was doing quite a bit at first- I found if I didn't, then he wouldn't be awake enough to nurse) it was a pain to mess with the velcro. I've since done some research and I like the Woombie type swaddle- it comes with two way zippers to make diaper changes easier, plus you can get a "convertible" type swaddle, which allows you to let the baby's arms out if he or she doesn't like to have them bound, or when they get old enough to roll. I think one of Patrick's main obstacles to sleeping through the night is how often he startles, and I think swaddling would help with this. I'm going to try to swaddle him more often (arms free!) to see if that helps him sleep through the night better.
Third, I think with the next baby I will truly try to start him or her in his or her big crib, and skip the bassinet step. I have loved having Patrick right next to me in our room, and it has made nursing much easier. But transitioning him to the big boy crib has been a daunting task. Instead, especially in the beginning when I'm nursing every two hours or so, I might put a small twin bed or something similar in the baby's room to sleep on while the baby sleeps in his or her crib. I have to imagine that it'll be easier for me to transition myself to my own bed once the nursing gets spaced out!
Fourth, I love, love, love my Snap and Go stroller (thanks big sister!)because I can literally take the car seat out of the car, snap it into the stroller, and go. However, I've been doing a lot of neighborhood walking and since this stroller has been through two babies (Patrick and my niece Bridget before him), the wheels are starting to squeak and the wear is beginning to show. So, I'll research a second stroller (because I plan on sticking with the Snap and Go stroller brand for every day use with the next baby) that can also be used with a car seat while the baby is younger, then convert to a big kid stroller, that has big enough wheels to handle neighborhood walking. I'd like to avoid the large travel system type stroller though, so it might take some serious research.
So far, those are the things I'd change. I can only imagine what else we'll learn in this awesome adventure!!!

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