Saturday, November 13, 2010

Such a sweet, relaxed day...

I've been feeling a bit sorry for myself lately, as DH has been traveling for work A LOT. As in, to Chicago. For work. He also has to travel a good bit around the state for work, which leaves me a bit lonely and feeling a wee bit like a single parent while he's gone. Today being Saturday, I was feeling a little more blue because the weekends are our time to be together as a family, and he's not here this weekend. So I decided to get out of the house and try to make the best of it. Patrick and I had such a nice day! We were up by 7, nursed, with him playing on his play mat for a bit while I had breakfast and fed the dog. After he tired of playing on the mat, he spent some time in his bouncy seat laughing at the toys while I showered and got dressed. By then it was about 8:15 or so and he was ready for a nap. While he napped (he only really goes about 30-45 minutes usually) I moved some laundry around, folded clothes, took care of dishes, wiped down the kitchen counters, and brought in the big trash can and recycling bin from the curb. After he woke up, I finished getting ready and out the door we went-- mall time! It was a beautiful fall day, a wee bit chilly when we first got to the mall, but I was loving it. Our first order of business, of course- STARBUCKS. And yes, I indulged in a pumpkin scone, my ultimate weakness. What can I say, I am a girl who eats her feelings. Patrick is at the age at which he doesn't mind the stroller at all, because the motion of it puts him to sleep most of the time, and the rest of the time he simply laughs at the toys on his car seat or laughs at me making faces at him. I realize how lucky I am that I can spend over an hour going into various stores, trying on clothes, looking for Christmas gifts, enjoying Bath and Body Works, etc. with zero fussing from my baby. Oh, and the fact that just about 10 ladies stopped me to peek at him and admire my beautiful baby didn't hurt my mall experience. :) Once home, he napped while I had lunch with my aunt, then we snuggled, played, nursed, he napped some more, went for a walk around the neighborhood, another shower for mama and bouncy seat for him, then it was time for our bedtime routine. It was just a very relaxed day, and to be honest, it was lovely. I didn't really ever feel stressed out today, which was a blessing from the last few days. I've been putting a lot of pressure on myself to get him into his big boy crib, and it hasn't been going well. Today I just let it go and enjoyed my time with him. Now I've got my sweet slumbering baby on the video monitor and a little time to myself. I pray that tonight goes smoothly and tomorrow's another relaxed day! We miss DH, of course, but I do feel like we made the most of today, and I'm feeling very thankful for my life and the blessings I have.

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