Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Dear Martha Stewart,

I have always been a fan of your Christmas decor collections. When I first found them at KMart three years ago, I fell in love. Such pretty, classy decorations for such a decent price! It made Christmas the only time I ever visited KMart, often several times in a season to stock up on ornaments, ribbon, or garland. I am such a fan of your green and red tartan plaid ribbon, your matte green, red and gold ornaments, and your hand painted glass ball ornaments. However, I have one request. The next time you decide to take your beautiful collections from one store to another, would you please plaster the news on billboards across America? You see, making a special trip with my four month old in 27 degree weather to KMart for your decorations is a big deal to this first time, rookie mom. What a disappointment it was to me today to find Jaclyn Smith had taken up residence in the Christmas decor aisle, and you were nowhere to be found. I was utterly confused, and asked the helpful KMart lady what the deal was.
You moved to Wal-Mart? I wish I'd known that, especially since I was already at Wal-Mart once this week for groceries. Sigh. I caved and bought some Jaclyn Smith junk, er, decorations. But now I may just have to make a special trip to Wal-Mart to see if I can find you again. If I can, old Jackie's going back to the big K. In the meantime, think about my request. We Christmas lovin' ladies would love to continue ensconcing our homes with your beautiful products, but not if it requires multiple trips and one too many car seat bicep curls.
The Rookie Mama who loooooooooooooooves Christmas

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  1. Yes. Yes. Yes. I love to read this style of your writing. Mo-ah, pwease!

    Keep it up, girlie!