Monday, December 20, 2010

Dear Rants from Mommyland...

I heart you. You are my new favorite blog. You are my therapy. You are the reason that I log in to blogger on a daily basis now. Okay, twice a day now. Let me preface by saying I am absolutely in love with my son and my husband. I can not imagine my life without either one. I know that I am so blessed to be able to be a stay at home mom. I would do pretty much anything to be able to avoid handing my infant son off to someone else every morning while I trudged off to teach. It's not for everyone, but it's what I want, DH wants, and it works for us. However, being a stay at home mom is *not* any of the following: 100% fun, 100% easy, a vacation, spit up free, poop free, tear free (sometimes the baby cries too), stress free, nor is it free of swear words, piles of laundry, grimy bathrooms that mock you each time you try to speed clean only to have baby wake up as soon as you get out the scrub brush, just to name a few. The only things that are really free are my services. So, when DH silently shakes his head as he digs through the mountain of laundry looking for a clean dress shirt that doesn't smell so he can stick it in the dryer to get the wrinkles out, instead of whipping around and yelling, "Suck it, Fancy! When's the last time you peed with our son watching you??" I can now calmly channel a past post from your blog and laugh quietly to myself (too loud and DH will really think I've lost it- laughing to myself for no apparent reason), and ahhhh...the world is right again. So thank you. Thank you for being open, honest and letting it all hang out. It's so refreshing to come across a blog that isn't afraid to show all sides of mommyhood, without fear. Too many mommy friends of mine are so preoccupied with being the "perfect mommy" or at least, appearing that way, that I have been feeling a bit lonely during my own Mommy Fail moments or moments of complete absurdity (aka..covered in gooey spit up for the nth time with baby smiling as wide as he can with his beautiful face) in my new life. But that's all over now, because I've found you. So I'll say it again...Rants from Mommyland, you rock my face off. MMMMMMMMMMMMWAH!

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  1. We're all blush-y over here. We've NEVER rocked someone's face off before. But you know we're seriously going to shoot for that goal EVERY. DAY.
    Lydia: "How was work?"
    Kate: "I rocked someone's face off."
    Lydia: Yep. I did the same thing to a guy at Target. Wait...oh, that was gross wasn't it?"
    Thank you thank you thank you for the awesome letter. We totally heart you.
    xoxo Kate (and Lydia)
    PS: You're looking super cute. Are those new yoga pants?