Sunday, December 26, 2010

Dear White T-Shirt makers,

What's a girl to do? You are really making my life difficult. I am a nice girl. Yes, I've had my moments of questionable fashion choices: the plaid flannel lumberjack shirt fad in middle school still makes me shudder, as does the jelly shoe trend I indulged in as a little squirt. Although I've just had a baby and am still fighting the remaining baby weight off, I don't think I look like a total slob, and I try not to schlep around in sweat pants EVERY day.

However, our relationship is now what you might call "complicated". As I previously stated, I am a nice girl. Unlike some hussies, er, girls, I am morally opposed to thongs to becoming "whale tales" showing out the back of my pants, bra straps showing, buttons gaping too much on shirts, and panty lines in general. Finding clothes in my closet that fit my still adjusting, post-baby body that also don't cause me to sweat (sweaters are OUT-thank you hormones. My application to the Polar Bear Club has recently been accepted.) has been difficult. One look I like is a nice white t-shirt under a cute, preppy cardigan or fitted jacket.

This is where you come in, and how you're making my life hell.

Why can't you people make one, ONE white t-shirt that isn't FRICKIN' see through!? I literally went through FOUR white t-shirts out of my closet this weekend, two short sleeved, one long sleeved, and one button up shirt, and each one presented a different problem. Shirt #1: can see my belly button indentation. Out. Shirt #2: oh, that's what my entire torso looks like underneath my clothes. Shirt #3: Nice bra. I can see the whole thing through the shirt. Shirt #4: See comment for Shirts 1-3. Sigh. Thus, my quest for the perfect white t-shirt continues. I make this promise, White T-Shirt Makers of the World: as soon as I find the perfect white shirt, one that doesn't show my entire bra through it, or my muffin top, or my belly button indentation, I will buy A DOZEN. Short sleeved, long-sleeved, button up. I will shout your praises from the hill tops (or at least post about you on Facebook)and be your devoted customer for life.
Rookie Mama
PS- Photo disclaimer- NO, that is NOT a picture of me or anyone else I know. I don't do sleeveless. ;)

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